Assisting women to buy a home in WINC

The need
WINC wants to create a place to live that reflects the typical diversity of background and range of resources among women generally.  Many older women (and lesbians particularly) have reached older age with limited financial resources, a result often due to disadvantage and discrimination over their lifetimes. The WINC co-housing community will enable some women of very low means to take part through the social housing component to be managed by a community housing provider. Approximately 10-15 members of the WINC group expect to be able to purchase a home without additional assistance. But the women ‘in the middle’, despite having current income or some assets, aren’t able to get conventional mortgage funding due to their age and are thus unlikely to be able to live in the WINC community without another source of financial assistance.

If you think you might be able to assist these middle women to purchase a home in WINC and in doing so also give them the chance to enjoy the security and opportunities for mutual support that come with that, please get in touch.

If you might be able to help, please contact Anneke Deutsch, or Mary-Faeth Chenery,


Can I make a donation to help achieve WINC’s purposes?
If you’d like to make a donation to Older Women in Cohousing (WINC), the bank details are:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Older Women in Cohousing Inc.
  • BSB: 633 000
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 163743958

We also have an active fundraiser for Middle Women specifically, auspiced by our very good friends at The Matrix Guild of Victoria Inc. If you require a tax-deductible receipt for a donation to the Middle Women Housing Fund, you can also donate to us through this link:

WINC Middle Women Housing Fund


Bequests are also most welcome. For more about bequests, please download our bequests information sheet. (Right-click to download).

Buying a Home to Rent to a WINC Member
We have some members of WINC who really value what WINC is trying to do, but do not want to live in WINC’s cohousing community at this time (or ever). It is possible as a member of WINC to buy a home and rent it to another WINC member who does not have the resources to buy in, or who prefers to rent. It is necessary to become a member of WINC to purchase a home. If this is something that you might be interested in doing, please be in touch.

‘I no longer worry about a lonely old age now that I know I’ll be buying into WINC. I’ll be renting my WINC home out long term and will remain living happily with my long-term partner in our current house. I see myself participating in WINC working bees, enjoying regular community dinners and other social events. By continuing to contribute to this vibrant tribe of women, I know I’ll be helping to create and maintain a community that will inspire many others. In the future if I find myself alone, I know there’ll be a place for me to live at WINC. I’m glad I’ve been involved from the beginning, because I think there might be quite a long waiting list of women wanting to purchase in the future.’

WINC Member Anneke Deutsch