It’s Saturday the 16th of January 2021. About 11 of us turned up to Jean and Anita’s colourful and welcoming house in Thornbury. 

Originally we were going to have our working bee at Lyndel’s place to sort and pack all her belongings as well as taking mementos home with us. Our plans changed when Lyndel’s family sorted her things beforehand.

So here we are chatting, eating yummy, healthy food. The fit and energetic ones are weeding and pruning as well as pressure cleaning the outer weatherboards of the house in preparation for some painting.

After a champagne toast to Lyndel’s life, some got up and spoke of her legacy, resilience, talents, and of course what a wonderful person she was.

One of the paintings that she owned, nicknamed The Three Crones and painted by Megaera, was on display for us to see. It will be on the wall in our Common House as a perfect memorial to Lyndel.

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