On Saturday 27th March WINC held our second working bee at Barbara’s home in Preston West, from 11-3.  Barbara, Nell, Mary-Faeth, Maria, Jill, Anita and Jean were there as workers and Coleen brought a homemade quiche (yum!) and stayed for lunch and a catch-up. 

This working bee took a little while to arrange due to health and competing commitments but came together splendidly.  Women really enjoyed being at Barbara’s working and getting to know one another better – and the weather was delightful.

Ingenuity, skills and persistence were shown as a long fluorescent light was fixed with a big ladder and a little washer.  It was great fun working out what a nut and a washer were in Viennese!  Anita displayed her electrical and engineering skills with Nell as apprentice.  Jill was fantastic in the front garden and advertised to latecomers where to pull their cars in with her elegant bent figure on view as she leaned up and down to pull the many weeds.

More gardening occurred in the back with Maria and Jean working around the delicious tiny black tomatoes as the parrots were feasting in the fig tree above.  A big smile lit up Barbara’s face as her windows began to sparkle under Mary-Faeth’s and Jean’s handiwork. It took some convincing for Barbara to accept the concept that allocating and managing work is actually a valid, necessary and worthwhile job! A final occupational safety routine was run as Nell, MF and Anita tightened the slack in a wire going from the garage to the house. Great fun – thanks to all!

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