12 WINCs gathered from near and far (even Sydney) on this idyllic sunny autumn day in Daylesford to eat, meet, chat and make merry whilst working on a few tasks at the beautiful adjoining homes of Mary-Faeth and Anneke and Linda.

Mary-Faeth ’s windows now sparkle (at least on the outside). The ivy-pulling team laboured on both sides of the fence, making a fine effort (although there is still an abundance of ivy awaiting any interested parties). Elvyn and Maria managed to liberate a root-bound pot plant. Joy dug through clay and rock on the nature strip in front of MF’s to plant a lovely grevillea that she said is referred to as ‘silky oak’.

Nell led the wood cutting team, and there are now enough pieces to build 6 enticing possum lodges (the end of heavy-footed possum parties in Anneke’s roof is hopefully in sight).

A newcomer, Jan, who lives on a property 30 minutes away with her partner, and is exploring WINC, came to meet and greet and chip in with work.

Lunch was a relaxed affair with some shared food spread on the outside table and some individual bowls and boxes. Jan who is awaiting her much needed new hip came and contributed some delicious homemade food. WINCs sat around taking a break from work and cheerfully chatted.

The highlight for many was the rich chocolate cake at the end of the day to celebrate Anneke’s birthday which was the next day.

It was as I expected: a working bee is a relaxed and easy social time, and a pleasant way to get some much-needed tasks done. I appreciated being able to meet in person with those I only knew though zoom meetings, and reconnecting with some old friends from my past. This is the kind of lifestyle I seek in moving towards the next phase of my life, and why I am so interested in cohousing.


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